About Nayomi. 

Nayomi is a writer and comedian based in Brooklyn, NY. She performs regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Chelsea, and is a co-creator and co-host of The Female Gaze, a parody of daytime talk shows. She also hosts Mouthy: a monthly open mic for female and gender-queer comedians. 

She was a New York City Teaching Fellow, and she taught in New York City public and charter schools for 8 years. Though Nayomi has left the classroom, she remains passionate about education and created What Have You Learned? to investigate the diverse ways in which we relate to growth and learning.

Nayomi contributes regularly to The Daily Dot, and her writing has been featured on Reductress and Femsplain. For her thoughts on crying, cake, and baby animals, you can follow her on Twitter: @nayomir.